Book: The Worth of the University

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The Worth of the University

Richard C. Levin, President of Yale

(Yale University Press)

Published on the occasion of Richard C. Levin’s retirement as president of Yale, this collection of speeches and essays from the past decade reflects both his varied intellectual passions and his commitment to university life and leadership. Whether discussing the economic implications of climate change or speaking to an incoming class of Yale freshmen, he argues for the vital importance of scholarship and the critical role that universities play in educating students and promoting the overall well-being of society.

This collection is a sequel to “The Work of the University,” which contained the principal writings from Levin’s first decade as Yale’s president, and it enunciates many of the same themes: forging a strong partnership with the city of New Haven, rebuilding Yale’s physical infrastructure, strengthening science and engineering, and internationalizing the university. But this companion volume also captures the essence of university leadership. In addressing topics as varied as his personal sources of inspiration, the development of Asian universities, and the university’s role in promoting innovation and economic growth, Levin challenges the reader to be more engaged, more creative, more innovative, and above all, a better global citizen.

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