Vikings — live and on the web

Yale historian Anders Winroth unmasks the truth behind the myths about the Viukiings in the next @YaleLive on March 26.

Horned helmets, furs, high-seas adventure, violence— this popular portrayal of the Vikings has endured for centuries and persists today. But how much is fact and how much fiction?

Yale historian, Viking expert, and MacArthur Fellow Anders Winroth unmasks the truth behind these ancient raiders from the north — live and on the Web on @YaleLive, Tuesday, March 26, at noon EDT.

Viewers may submit questions before and during the episode via Yale’s Facebook page, Twitter@Yale or

Anders Winroth is professor of history at Yale and a 2003 MacArthur Fellowship recipient. His next book, “A New History of the Viking Age,” is forthcoming from Princeton University Press.

@YaleLive offers people worldwide an opportunity to engage with Yale minds. It broadcasts on the University’s YouTube channel.

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