Book: Water on Sand

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Water on Sand: Environmental Histories of the Middle East and North Africa

Edited by Alan Mikhail, assistant professor of history

(Oxford University Press)

From Morocco to Iran and the Black Sea to the Red, “Water on Sand” rewrites the history of the Middle East and North Africa from the Little Ice Age to the Cold War era.

As the first holistic environmental history of the region, it shows the intimate connections between peoples and environments and how these relationships shaped political, economic, and social history in startling and unforeseen ways. Nearly all political powers in the region based their rule on the management and control of natural resources, and nearly all individuals were in constant communion with the natural world. To grasp how these multiple histories were central to the pasts of the Middle East and North Africa, the chapters in this book provide evidence of the power of environmental history to open up new avenues of scholarly inquiry.

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