Top 10 of 2012: World & Environment

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Based on the interest and attention they gathered at Yale and beyond, here are the year’s top 10 World & Environment stories:

1. Yale at the 2012 Summer Olympic Games

Eyes around the world were on London, including those of nearly 8,000 readers who visited the YaleNews page about The Games, which included information on the Yale athletes at The Games in 2012 and throughout history, and the Yale rowers who won gold, silver and bronze medals.

2. Seven new Open Yale Courses now available free online

Nearly 6,000 readers logged on for news about the virtual classes they could “attend” as part of Yale’s open educational initiative. In related news, three Yale Open Courses were named among the top five online courses in China.

3. Famed Bollywood actor says he just wants to make people smile

Thousands of fans of Indian movie actor Shah Rukh Khan came to YaleNews for a story and video about this Yale visit. Also drawing a large audience, both online and in-person, were Nobel Peace Prize winner Daw Aung San Suu Kyi of Burma and U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

4. Yale’s Pericles Lewis to be inaugural Yale-NUS president

The notice that a Yale professor is heading the innovative educational initiative launched by Yale and the National University of Singapore was the top-read story about Yale-NUS College, which aims to reinvent the liberal arts from the ground up.

5. As next supercontinent forms, Arctic Ocean, Caribbean will vanish first

Readers by the score wanted to see what the Earth would look like many centuries from now, according to a new theory on continental drift by Yale researchers.

6. Diseased trees are source of climate-changing gas

The news that a significant amount of the greenhouse gas methane may actually come from trees themselves attracted environmentally conscious readers, as did news that road runoff is spurring evolution in spotted salamanders.

7. Yale study concludes public apathy over climate change unrelated to science literacy

Many readers proved to be interested in the news that even those who understand the science behind climate change might still be apathetic about dealing with it.

8. Yale celebrates successful collaboration with Chinese publishing powerhouse

Yale University Press and China International Publishing Group published the final book in the award-winning series “The Culture and Civilization of China.” This was just one of many stories about Yale’s international partnerships, including those with Shandong University, Argentine judicial leaders, and French universities.

9. Yale College reunions go green

Stories about on-campus “greening” initiatives caught the attention of many readers, including news that Yale has been named a “Bicycle Friendly University.”

10. Yale senior wins Jefferson Award for being a ‘globechanger’

In addition to violinist and composer Jourdan Urbach ’12, who raises funds for international organizations fighting children’s neurological disease, other world-changing Yale students made headlines for their work to create a better future for Africa, to develop health initiatives in developing countries, and to improve the intersection between human rights and environmental governance.

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