Top 10 of 2012: Business, Law, & Society

Based on the interest and attention they gathered at Yale and beyond, here are the year’s top 10 Business, Law, & Society stories.
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Based on the interest and attention they gathered at Yale and beyond, here are the year’s top 10 Business, Law, & Society stories.

1. Election 2012: Yale perspectives

Whether they agreed or disagreed with what they found there, many readers came to the YaleNews Election 2012 page to read and watch as Yale experts offered their perspectives on the U.S. presidential race, most notably the first and second panels on “The Economy and the Election” moderated by President Richard C. Levin.

2. Recent graduate touted as ‘All-Star Student Entrepreneur’

Stories about start-up businesses by Yale students — such as Max Uhlenhuth, co-founder of the satellite imagery company SilviaTerra — were popular this year, especially an interview with the alumni founders of the company Higher One about growing a business and growing in New Haven.

3. SOM among 21 institutions to form first global network of business schools

There were headlines around the world about the Global Network for Advanced Management, which connects officials at international business schools to address the complex leadership issues in business and society worldwide.

4. Yale Law School introduces nation’s first Ph.D. in Law

Yale’s new program to prepare students with a J.D. degree to enter careers in legal scholarship sparked attention in both legal and educational circles.

5. Governor Malloy signs bill written by Yale Law School students

Yale law students played a critical role both in the passage of a bill to help state veterans charged with low-level criminal offenses avoid incarceration and get back on the right track and in the state’s decision to repeal the death penalty.

6. Research indicates that powerful women, fearing backlash, curtail how much they talk at work

Ironically, this article about women who choose to remain quiet in the boardroom sparked a lot of conversation about gender roles in the workplace.

7. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg shares her courtroom experiences in campus events

The livestreamed conversation with the Supreme Court justice attracted a large audience while it was underway, and the video of the discussion continues to attract viewers.

8. Divinity School welcomes new dean

After a busy first month, Gregory E. Sterling officially became the 14th dean of the Divinity School on Oct. 23, noting in his address that “There is an urgent need to think about theology and the church afresh. … The world has changed and so must we.”

9. Q&A: Studying antisemitism through history to understand its manifestations today

On the eve of the Yale Program for the Study of Antisemitism’s first conference, its director, Maurice Samuels, discussed the initiative’s goals. Close on the heels of the conference was the 30th anniversary of the Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies.

10. K-12 teachers, Yale faculty unite to strengthen nation’s public schools

Many readers wanted to learn more about the Yale faculty who lead workshops for public school teachers from across the country as part of the Yale National Initiative, which aims to strengthen teaching and learning in public schools.

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