And two more make nine — Rhodes Scholars, that is

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Julian De Freitas and Ela Naegele

In November, seven Yale students were named as U.S. Rhodes Scholarship winners, setting a new record for the university. (See story.) Since then, two other Yale students have been selected for the prestigious prize — bringing the total number of Yale winners to nine. YaleNews catches up with this year’s Oxford-bound winners.

The newest winners are:

Ela Naegele ‘13, a philosophy and history major who has been awarded one of two German Rhodes Scholarships. She will be going to Oxford to study modern British and European history next fall.

Julian De Freitas ’13, a cognitive science major from South Africa. His research interests within cognitive neuroscience and experimental philosophy are diverse.

Read more about all nine Yale Rhodes Scholarship winners and their plans for the future:

Jennifer Bright ’13: Melding law and policy to improve public health

David Carel ’13: Better health care in South Africa through public policy

Julian De Freitas ’13: Illuminating the workings of the mind through rhythm

Rhiana Gunn-Wright ’11: Shaping policy to break the cycle of disadvantage


Micah Johnson ’13: Fixing the brain, ‘the greatest magic show on earth’


Catherine Laporte-Oshiro ’13: Re-envisioning Asia-Pacific development


Benjamine Liu ’12: Harnessing music to heal the mind


Dakota McCoy ’13: Chasing the secrets of animal intelligence


Ela Naegele ‘13: Practicing law ‘with one foot in the Academy’

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