While you were away: The summer's top stories

For those who left campus after Commencement, here’s a look at some of the headlines from this summer.


Mellon Foundation grant ‘reimagines’ humanities at Yale and beyond

Yale and unions reach agreement on four-year contracts

The Warrior-Scholar Project: Easing the move from combat to college

Natural history collections leap into the digital age

Yale Law School introduces nation’s first Ph.D. in Law

Q&A: Libraries turn new page into digital age



Yale Corporation welcomes two new members

Sharon Kugler is reappointed as University chaplain

Kathryn Lofton named the Sarai Ribicoff Associate Professor

Computer scientist Daniel Spielman named inaugural Simons Investigator

Chemistry’s newest endowed chair honors pioneering Yale scientist John Gamble Kirkwood


Seven alumni athletes and one incoming Yale coach competed in the 2012 Olympic Games in London.
Yale’s Pericles Lewis to be inaugural Yale-NUS president

Alumni rowers win gold, silver, and bronze medals at Olympics

Bulldogs continuing educational efforts via ELI Africa

Global Health Corps Fellows find inspiration and camaraderie at Yale

Yale honors Ethiopian minister of health at global conference


Horwich shares $1 million life science prize

Architecture dean Stern to chair international jury for Venice Biennale

Recent graduate touted as ‘All-Star Student Entrepreneur’



Scientists discovered two planets that were closer to each other than any yet discovered. (Illustration by David Aguilar, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics)
Diamond in the rough: Half-century puzzle solved

Even after Lyme disease is gone, its remains may perpetuate inflammation

Yale researchers identify ‘missing-link snake’

Neurons that control overeating also drive appetite for cocaine

Proximity of new planets stuns even astronomers

Flashy wings can catch a female butterfly’s fancy

Yale team discovers how stress and depression can shrink the brain

Natural birth — but not C-section — triggers brain boosting proteins

A flash of light changes cell activity — and understanding of disease

Diseased trees are source of climate-changing gas



George deForest Lord, professor of English literature and former Trumbull College master

Lee W. Patterson, scholar of medieval literature and the Frederick W. Hilles Professor Emeritus of English

F. Herbert Bormann, ecologist at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies and co-discoverer of acid rain

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