Report suggests ways to build an 'Economy for All'

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In a new report titled “Prosperity Economics: Building an Economy for All,” Yale professor Jacob Hacker and Yale Law School student Nathaniel Loewentheil offer a comprehensive plan for growing the nation’s economy equitably. 

Among their recommendations:

• invest $250 billion to rebuild the nation’s crumbling infrastructure; 

• end tax incentives for outsourcing;

• support states’ efforts to rehire teachers and public servants;

• ensure the right of workers to form unions;

• expand job training programs;

• provide affordable child care for working families; and

• provide excellent primary and secondary education for all and the opportunity for every student to attend college.

Hacker is the Stanley B. Resor Professor Political Science and director of the Institute for Social and Policy Studies. Loewentheil, who graduated from Yale College in 2007, is entering his third year at Yale Law School where he is focusing his studies on environmental law and politics.

Read the full report.

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