Yale’s student-run businesses to unveil their visions at Demo Day

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Student entrepreneurs in a classroom as part of the Yale Entrepreneurial Institute's summer "boot camp."

Yale student entrepreneurs who have created a dozen new ventures will make pitches to investors and business executives on Thursday, July 26, at the annual Demo Day event sponsored by the Yale Entrepreneurial Institute (YEI).

The event, scheduled to begin at 4:30 p.m. at Kroon Hall, is the culmination of YEI’s 10-week summer “boot camp” designed to help nurture the most promising new business ideas of Yale students.

Interest in creating new businesses has increased dramatically at Yale in recent years,YEI officials say. In a recent survey, two of three Yale College students expressed an interest in being involved in entrepreneurial activity while at school. The dozen student startups enrolled in this summer’s business boot camp are the most advanced and sophisticated in YEI history.

“The energy and ideas of students are the largest untapped resources for economic development we have,” said James Boyle, director of YEI.

YEI provides on-campus incubator space, introduces students to alumni and industry mentors, and provides assistance in developing and implementing business plans Since its inception in 2007, YEI has helped start over 52 currently active ventures that have raised $45 million in outside venture financing and created more than 185 new jobs.