When the Redcoats came to New Haven

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The Defenders’ Monument, James E. Kelly’s statue commemorating the invasion of New Haven on July 5, 1779, stands at the intersection where Columbus and Davenport avenues meet Ella Grasso Boulevard.

When British forces invaded New Haven in 1779, Yale Divinity School professor and former Yale president Naphtali Daggett was among the citizens who rode out to confront the Redcoats.

Daggett’s story is just one of the tales of life at Yale and in New Haven before and during the War of Independence that are recounted in this lecture from Professor Joanne B. Freeman’s Open Yale Course, “The American Revolution.”

This section, titled “Citizens and Choices: Experiencing the Revolution in New Haven,” looks at the conflicted loyalties, deprivations, and atrocities that took place on a local level as illustrations of the wider dilemmas facing all Colonists at that time.


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