Citations: Roosevelt Thompson Prize, 2012

This prize is to be awarded to a member of the Senior Class for commitment to and capacity for public service.  The recipient should be outstanding in the Senior Class for dedication to public service – service to -  “the team… the college… the community,” as Thompson expressed it himself. Like Thompson, he or she should exemplify great human warmth, commitment to fairness, compassion for all people, and the promise of moral leadership in the public sphere. This year, the prize is awarded to Katherine Miller of Morse College, and Sam Vesuna of Calhoun College.


Katie, with courage and persistence, you have stepped up to take a leading role in ending discrimination in the military based on sexual identity and in educating military officials on the most effective way to maintain equality among those defending our nation. For your courage, commitment, and continuing moral leadership in the public sphere, we are proud to award you the Roosevelt L. Thompson Prize.


Sam, you have been tireless in your service to public health in New Haven and around the world, working with both the Fair Haven and Samaritan Free Clinics and founding the immensely successful Yale-Ecuador HIV Clinic Initiative.  Biomedical Engineer, inventor, musician and an all-around Hounie, Yale honors you for your commitment to public service and for your inspiring citizenship by conferring on you the Roosevelt L. Thompson Prize.

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