Yale cell biologist Milosevic wins prize for young researchers

Yale cell biologist Ira Milosevic has been given the Federation of European Biochemical Societies (FEBS) Anniversary Prize.

The award, one of two given annually to researchers under 40 years of age, carries a prize of 2000 euros.

Milosevic studies the transmission of information at the synaptic junction of brain cells in the lab of Pietro de Camilli, the Eugene Higgins Professor of Cell Biology and professor of neurobiology and investigator for the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Milosevic studies endocytosis, or how cells absorb molecules, which is essential for neurotransmission. Animal models with the defective endocytic protein endophilin show severe neurological deficits, including epilepsy and ataxia, and neurodegeneration. Milosevic is currently studying the mechanisms by which alterations in endocytosis lead to neurodegenerative pathologies.

FEBS is one of the largest organizations in European life sciences. It seeks to promote, encourage and support biochemistry, molecular cell biology, molecular biophysics and related areas throughout Europe.

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