Intelligent Buildings Project receives gift from Wells Fargo Foundation

Yale’s Intelligent Buildings Project has received $200,000 from the Wells Fargo Foundation to support groundbreaking research on energy consumption in buildings. 

The aim of the project is to lay the groundwork for the creation of “intelligent” buildings that are designed and equipped with better systems of monitoring and managing energy use, significantly reducing the overall rate of consumption. The interdisciplinary project is headed by Professors Michelle Addington of the Yale School of Architecture and Andreas Savvides of the Yale School of Engineering and Applied Science, in conjunction with the Yale Climate and Energy Institute. 

The institute fosters the study, investigation, and wide-ranging discussion of climate and energy issues across the campus, bringing together specialists in diverse fields from Yale and elsewhere worldwide. The Intelligent Buildings Project exemplifies this key interdisciplinary approach by integrating architectural and engineering expertise.

“We’re delighted by the gift,” said Savvides, a professor of electrical engineering and computer science. “I believe advances in building intelligence will play a key role in energy efficiency and in making a smarter electrical grid.”

Officials from Wells Fargo formally presented the check to Yale during a visit to campus on Dec. 7.

“We’re hoping that this grant will result not only in Wells Fargo’s facilities across the U.S. becoming greener and more energy efficient, but also in improvements by companies in all industries in meeting their sustainability goals,” said Kent McClun, Wells Fargo’s community bank president for greater Connecticut. “This helps to protect our environment and leave a better world for future generations.”

Wells Fargo actively fosters programs and organizations that support renewable energy, green buildings, energy efficiency, sustainable agriculture, and water conservation. Wells Fargo is also a leading financier of renewable energy project and clean technology companies, having financed more than $9 billion to the industry since 2005.

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