Honor the memory of the late Frank Turner by donating to United Way

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According to his wife, the Reverend Ellen Tittotson, Frank Turner believed donating to the Yale-United Way Campaign was a concrete way for Yale faculty, staff and students to participate meaningfully in the vitality of the New Haven community.”

The Yale-United Way Campaign is now offering campus community members a way to honor the memory of the late Frank Turner, former provost and librarian.

Writing to the campus community on Nov. 11, the anniversary of Turner’s death, Provost Peter Salovey noted: “[I]t is hard not to think about his passion for the University, the library and the New Haven community. … Giving to the United Way was a personal commitment Frank and his wife, the Reverend Ellen Tillotson, planned annually. Without hesitation, they believed that contributing to the campaign makes a measurable difference.”

The Provost also cited Tillotson, who said: “Frank quietly and strongly supported the United Way for decades, with his donations and his work on the Yale campaign. He felt it was a concrete way for Yale faculty, staff and students to participate meaningfully in the vitality of the New Haven community.”

The 2011-2012 Yale-United Way campaign is commemorating Turner’s generosity. Now through the rest of the campaign, when you donate online, you can make your gift in Turner’s memory by checking the box labeled “I am giving in memory of Frank Turner,” on the “Acknowledgements” page.

How your donations have helped and continue to help

Area children are now benefiting from higher-quality child care and expanded educational opportunities thanks to the $1 million donated to United Way of Greater New Haven in 2010 through Yale’s annual fundraising campaign.

To ensure these efforts continue, members of the Yale community are once again being urged to “Give Every Child a Chance” by contributing generously to this year’s appeal, which focuses on early child development, on education for children living in poverty, and on those who attend underperforming schools

Here are some of the results that last year’s Yale-United Way campaign helped realize:

• 105 young children from low-income families received full-time high-quality early care and education, which research has shown improves school readiness. Another 850 children were served in programs that received training to improve their quality of care.

• 99% of the teachers served by early childhood education programs improved their teaching skills as a result of the training and support they received.

• Nearly 1,900 school-age youth participated in high quality after-school programs, mentoring or tutoring services. More than 85% of parents reported that these services helped their children improve their grades in school. 

• More than 600 parents at New Haven Public Schools participated in school-based activities to support their children’s learning including family literacy events and in-class volunteering.

Over 100 local organizations rely on resources and support from United Way of Greater New Haven, allowing them to focus on helping people in need without spending time or incurring the costs of raising the funds themselves. In order to ensure that donations get real results, United Way volunteers work to minimize duplication among programs and look for measurable results, quality performance, and innovative approaches.

Yale has long been a partner in United Way’s effort to address the local community’s most serious disparities. Last year, 235 Yale faculty and staff contributed $1,000 or more to United Way. Over the past 10 years, donors in the Yale United Way de Tocqueville Society (those who donate $10,000 and above) have given $2.5 million to United Way of Greater New Haven.

In a letter to the Yale community earlier this fall, President Richard C. Levin noted:

“Yale is highly invested in ensuring the well-being of its neighbors in the Greater New Haven area, and members of the wider Yale community have enthusiastically supported this effort. … Our campaign will help fund — at significantly higher levels — programs that address the needs of our most vulnerable citizens: young children. … The children of the Greater New Haven metropolitan area are counting on you. Please give generously.”

While the Yale-United Way campaign is focusing its efforts on helping children get a solid start in life, contributions for another cause or United Way partnership organization are also welcome. For information regarding pledging options, see the 2011-2012 Yale-United Way website.

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