GHLI to present leadership “blueprints” at Global Health Conference

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Liberian delegation at Yale Global Health Leadership Institute conference in June 2011.

The Yale Global Health Leadership Institute will have a significant presence at this year’s Consortium of Universities for Global Health (CUGH) conference presenting two aspects of leadership capacity to strengthen health systems worldwide.  Martha Dale, director GHLI China programs, and Jeannie Mantopoulos, assistant director, GHLI, will both outline successful GHLI programs as a template for other universities at the conference on November 13 in Montreal, Canada. 

Dale will offer a poster presentation titled “Building Leadership Capacity Across Countries: Universal Principles and Tailored Approaches,” and elaborate on how improved management and leadership capacity is fundamental to health systems strengthening. “Successful training approaches should be both replicable across countries and tailored to local health care and educational systems, but little guidance exists as to how to achieve these two goals simultaneously,” says Dale.  She will outline how the GHLI formed partnerships with in-country academic institutions to train health care managers and identified universal components of our education programs and their adaptations to fit an emerging market economy (China), a post-conflict country (Liberia), and a relatively stable, very low-income country (Ethiopia).

Mantopoulos will address “Rethinking Conference Models for Global Health” based on the GHLI conference which is designed as a leadership capacity and partnership-building effort that relies on country-identified priorities, team-based stakeholder participation, delegate feedback and cross-country interaction. By equipping delegates with a strategic problem solving framework to guide discussions, planning, and decision-making, the GHLI conference provides a model on how global health leaders can focus on a targeted health system issue, while fostering cross-country learning and partnerships.

The CUGH conference will be jointly held with the Canadian Society for International Health and the Global Health Education Consortium as a forum for universities to showcase and shape global health research, education and advocacy with colleagues from across the wide spectrum of backgrounds.

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