Yale alumni gain free access to JSTOR’s extensive online scholarly resources

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Yale’s more than 130,000 alumni worldwide now have access to a treasure trove of online resources thanks to collaboration between the Association of Yale Alumni (AYA), JSTOR and the Yale University Library.

Alumni can freely use all JSTOR collections licensed by Yale. JSTOR (short for “journal storage”), a non-profit service founded in 1995, is a digital archive of over 1,000 academic journals and one million primary sources. 

Alumni use of these resources is made possible by the launch of JSTOR’s Alumni Access Pilot. Yale alumni who have registered for the online alumni community can now access JSTOR through the AYA website at http://www.aya.yale.edu/content/jstor-access.

“Yale alumni are among the most committed and connected anywhere and this collaboration adds more connection to educational resources,” said Linda Koch Lorimer, vice president and secretary of Yale. “President Levin served on the JSTOR editorial board in the past and was an early advocate of alumni access. Yale itself has been at the forefront of expanding digital access through online courses and making digital assets from our libraries and museums available freely to the public. We are delighted to be one of the first universities to join this pilot program.” 

Laura Brown, JSTOR managing director, said: “JSTOR is about spreading access to knowledge worldwide, and we are pleased to be partnering with Yale to provide access to our vast range of multi-disciplinary scholarly content for alumni. It’s exciting to think that recent graduates who used JSTOR during school will continue to have access, as will older alumni  offering great background for business, travel, continuing education, teaching, and cultural pursuits.”

JSTOR was conceived by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to help university and college libraries struggling to provide adequate space for the ever-expanding volume of published scholarship.

“The library is at the heart of student experience on campus, and we are delighted to offer this new service of ongoing educational resources for alumni,” said University Librarian Susan Gibbons, who began her term as library director on July 1. “Yale encourages students to pursue lifelong learning, and the library is proud to be able to add to the ways it serves alumni to continue their intellectual inquiry and research endeavors well beyond commencement.”

The AYA fosters lifelong connections to Yale, both to serve alumni and to enable them to be effective ambassadors for Yale. “It will be very useful to have access to JSTOR,” notes Donna Daniels ’89 M.A. “It is such a great resource for so many different topics. What a terrific benefit for me and other alums!”

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