Welcome to YaleNews, a new website dedicated to 'telling the stories of Yale'

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The OPAC team welcomes your feedback about YaleNews.

Yale has spread the news about its interesting and innovative people, programs, and events in a variety of ways over the years. This new Office of Public Affairs and Communications (OPAC) website is the latest incarnation in this long tradition of telling the stories of Yale.

YaleNews will offer both a comprehensive and an up-close look at our multi-faceted university — from its groundbreaking medical and scientific research to its international initiatives, arts activities, environmental efforts, social and humanities programs, town-gown partnerships, and more. We will take our readers inside campus classrooms, laboratories, and libraries, and across the globe where Yale students, faculty, staff, and alumni are studying, teaching, and working to make a difference.

To ensure that YaleNews can best serve the University community, our OPAC editorial team met over the last year with individuals from across campus, both individually and in groups, and designed this website based on their needs and suggestions. So this truly has been a collaborative, campus-wide project. We thank all of you who helped shape this new website, with a special nod to the members of the OPAC technical team, who turned our vision into a digital reality.

With the launch of the YaleNews website, the Yale Daily Bulletin will cease production, and the OPAC website will convert from a news vehicle to a site primarily focused on serving the external media. The printed Yale Calendar, established as an interim publication after the Yale Bulletin & Calendar became an online-only publication last September, will also be discontinued this fall. The online Yale Calendar of Events continues to be a rich resource of information about campus activities.

As you explore this new site (and we hope you will), please take note of the following new features:

Aggregating campus news. In addition to featuring stories, videos and newscasts produced by OPAC, YaleNews will curate news on websites across campus and beyond. This will include showcasing more stories about Yale from external news sources like the New York Times and highlighting interesting websites across the University in our “Explore Yale” feature.

Five searchable channels. There are now five “channels” highlighting stories, videos and photo galleries in specific areas: Arts & Humanities; Business, Law & Society; Campus & Community; Science & Health; and World & Environment. Within each channel, you can easily search content by topic and explore links to relevant sites around the University. The bottom of every page of the site also lists the three newest stories in each of the channels.

Campus & Community offerings. For our internal audiences, the YaleNews homepage features news about University people and events. The Campus & Community channel, in addition to stories and events listings, includes Classifieds, Milestones and In Brief announcements (formerly Bulletin Board).

More multimedia. YaleNews will highlight more of the videos, newscasts and photo galleries being created across campus, both on the website’s homepage and throughout the various channels.

Easier ways to share and recommend stories. On each story and multimedia page, you will find tools for easily sharing content on Facebook and Twitter and via email. There is also a new “recommend” tool that allows you to suggest content to other YaleNews readers. Top picks will be featured under Most Recommended, found on the homepage and throughout the site. We also urge you to use the Send Us Your Feedback tool often, so we can continue to improve our efforts to tell the stories of Yale.

Mobile-friendly. Last, but not least, the YaleNews website and the weekly email newsletter that accompanies it are optimized for mobile devices, so you can easily navigate content on your smartphone or tablet.

We hope you find YaleNews to be an interesting and useful way to learn about the unique people, programs, and activities that make this University such a rich and diverse place. And we hope you return here often.

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