Yale College makes 2,006 offers of admission to Class of 2015

Yale College has made a total of 2,006 offers of admission to the record 27,282 applicants to the class of 2015. An additional 996 students have been offered a place on the waitlist.

“We had another extraordinary applicant pool, and another challenging selection process,” said Jeffrey Brenzel, dean of undergraduate admissions. “We could not make the offers we would have liked to a large number of immensely talented students, almost all of whom will attend other great colleges and universities. Of the students with an opportunity to come, we know that the ones choosing Yale will bring us astonishing talents and aspirations.”

Last year, Yale initially admitted 1,940 students from a record-high applicant pool of 25,869, and waitlisted 932 applicants. Yale later made additional offers to 98 students on the waitlist, or 2038 offers total.

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