"Conversations on Leadership": The general and the humanitarian

General Stanley McChrystal launched his “Conversations on Leadership” series on Feb. 16. The featured guest was best-selling author and humanitarian Greg Mortenson.

Mortenson is author of the bestseller “Three Cups of Tea” (with David Oliver Relin of The New York Times) and “Stones into Schools: Promoting Peace Through Education in Afghanistan and Pakistan.” He is the co-founder of the non-profit Central Asia Institute, which promotes and supports community-based education, especially for girls, and he is the founder of the non-profit Pennies For Peace.

McChrystal, a senior fellow at Yale’s Jackson Institute for Global Affairs, introduced Mortenson as “an extraordinary individual without many of the leadership attributes you’ve seen on TV … He has led from a moral point of leadership, led by example, led by persistence, led by relating to and caring about people.”

The event drew many more people than the auditorium at the Whitney Humanities Center could hold. Here — for those who couldn’t get in, as well as those who could and want to repeat the experience — is the video of McChrystal and Mortenson’s conversation.

McChrystal plans to bring other celebrated global leaders to the Yale campus for conversations about their unique experience and perspective. These conversations and all other Jackson Center public events will be available at the center website and posted on YouTube.

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