Reminder for parents: Learn about New Haven’s magnet schools

The New Haven Public Schools have been attracting increasing interest from parents who want to take advantage of the opportunities available for their children from the largest magnet school program in the state of Connecticut and from the growing academic partnerships Yale University has built with the city’s schools.

Cooperative Arts and Humanities Magnet High School, located downtown on College Street, is one of a number of New Haven schools that has strong academic partnerships through the University’s Office of New Haven and State Affairs. At Co-Op, Yale faculty, staff and students work in 21 after-school clubs and programs, developed in partnership with Dwight Hall and the State Department of Education, that enroll nearly 300 high school students, who often enjoy nearby Yale museums, libraries and other resources.

“Co-Op’s after-school programs are just amazing,” says Dr. Lori Post, associate professor of emergency medicine in the Yale School of Medicine, who lives in New Haven and whose son is a freshman at Co-Op.

Post says of her son’s experience at Co-Op: “It has completely opened his world, and he feels valued by his teachers. The opportunities he has are way beyond anything I could have imagined, His experience at Co-op positively exceeds what he had in suburban schools. My son was doing well before but now he is thriving.”

Members of the Yale community with school-age children are invited to learn more about Co-Op and other New Haven magnet schools at a number of upcoming meetings. There will be information on Magnet schools that accept applications from residents both in New Haven and other area towns at the Interdistrict Magnet Fair on Saturday, Jan. 8, noon-2 p.m., at Hill Regional Career High School, 140 Legion Ave.

Yale will also hold an information session on Magnet schools for staff and faculty on Tuesday, Jan. 11, noon-1 p.m., at 221 Whitney Ave., Training Room 5. Deborah Breland, New Haven magnet school coordinator, will discuss pre-K through high school options, the application process, eligibility, lottery and deadlines. Applications for the 2011-2012 school year will be available. For information and to register, go to

In addition, individual magnet schools will hold open houses in the following weeks. There is complete information on the Magnet school program, the information fair, open house dates and locations, and the magnet application process at

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