Yale to staff: Tell us what you think about your workplace

Staff members have the opportunity to provide the University with valuable feedback regarding the work culture at Yale through the 2010 Workplace Survey, which will be held Nov. 1-14.

The survey measures attitudes toward such critical dimensions of the work environment as commitment, diversity, leadership, productivity, innovation and development.

The questions being asked this year are similar to those in the surveys conducted in 2008 — creating measurable benchmarks for the University to assess over time. The survey is short and confidential. It will be administered in two formats: paper and electronic. It is anonymous; staff members will not be asked for a NetID or name. Answers cannot be traced.

“Yale’s Workplace Survey provides the University with important information about employee satisfaction, work unit and supervisory effectiveness, workplace communications, and organizational culture,” said President Richard C. Levin, in a memo to staff. “In turn, this information will be used to develop action plans both in departments and across the University to make Yale an even better place to work.”

All staff members are encouraged to take the survey at http://www.2010workplacesurvey.com. The survey closes on Sunday, Nov. 14. To find out more, click here.

Frequently asked questions

How will the Yale Workplace Survey help?

Staff members will be asked how they feel about their workplace, including training, flex-time, benefits, communication, leadership, and much more. The survey results can be used to create action plans in each department to make workplace improvements.

How is the survey being conducted?

During the two-week survey period, Nov. 1-14, staff may go online to survey at http://www.2010workplacesurvey.com. There are approximately 50 questions, and it will take about 15 minutes to complete. The website will be accessible from office and home computers. Paper versions of the survey will be available for members of Local 35.

How can I be sure my identity remains confidential?

Staff will not be asked to log in with their Net ID, names or titles at any time. They’ll be asked to select the unit they work in (division, department, etc.) from a menu. The survey results will include the number of responses per unit, but no names or titles, since no individual information will be known. In addition, the survey is being administered by an outside firm, Sirota Survey Intelligence, on a secure external website, and the survey data will not be stored on any Yale computer.

What happens with the results of the survey?

The survey results are being collected and analyzed by Sirota Survey Intelligence, a management consulting firm working with Yale. When this is done, department teams will review the survey results and develop plans to improve training, scheduling, communication and other issues identified in the survey. These plans will be monitored against results of future surveys to ensure that progress is being made.

How can I find out what’s happening with the survey and the action plans?

The website Continuing Conversation … Changing the Culture (www.yale.edu/conversations) will carry updates about the survey’s progress, the preliminary results and the action plans’ development. Survey participants will also receive updates from their department heads. Questions may also be directed to the project chair, Deborah Stanley-McAulay, at 203-436-4072, or co-project lead, Susan Abramson at 203-432-8069, or by e-mail to conversations@yale.edu.

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