Watch online: "Poem of Fire" performance at Woolsey

Nineteenth-century composer Alexander Scriabin believed that there is an intrinsic relationship between music and color. So, when he wrote his work “Prometheus: The Poem of Fire” 100 years ago, he wanted the performance to include beams of light that change color according to the harmonic progression of the music.

There was one problem, though: At the time, there was no way to create these ambient light effects.

The Yale Symphony Orchestra used modern technologies to solve that problem and realized Scriabin’s vision concert at Woolsey Hall held in February 2010.

Those who were unable to attend that concert — or those who want to relive the moment — can now watch a documentary of that production online.

For a short excerpt (about two minutes), click here.

For the full film (about 23 minutes), click here.

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