Robert Crabtree appointed the Conkey P. Whitehead Professor

Robert H. Crabtree, the newly designated Conkey P. Whitehead Professor of Chemistry, focuses on the design and synthesis of inorganic molecules and the study of organometallic molecules with unusual structures and properties.

Also interested in green chemistry, Crabtree is currently working on alternative energy problems, including using solar energy to create transportation fuel and developing better ways to store hydrogen.

Crabtree has earned numerous honors for his scientific accomplishments, including, most recently, the 2010 Kosolapoff Award, presented by Auburn University to outstanding chemists and biochemists for contributions on these fields. It is the highest award offered by the Auburn section of the American Chemical Society; previous recipients include 10 Nobel Prize winners. His other honors include the Organometallic Chemistry Prize of the American Chemical Society, the Organometallic Chemistry Prize of the Royal Society of Chemistry, Ohio State University’s Mack Award, the University of Oklahoma’s Karcher Medal and the University of Illinois’ Bailar Medal, among others.

Educated in England, Crabtree joined the Yale faculty in 1977. He has served as director of undergraduate studies in the Department of Chemistry and chair of the Inorganic Chemistry Division of the American Chemical Society. He is the editor-in-chief of the Encyclopedia of Inorganic Chemistry and of Comprehensive Organometallic Chemistry.

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