Improved Safety Measures Drop Use of ID Stickers

As part of the ongoing initiative related to workplace safety and security throughout the Yale campus, effective Jan. 1, the University will no longer rely on the stickers that are placed on Yale ID cards to indicate active cards.

When a Yale ID card is required to obtain access to a Yale facility or for any other purpose, the card will be electronically scanned to determine the cardholder’s status and access privileges.

This change is expected to improve workplace safety and overall security by using technology to indicate the cardholder’s most current information.

For students, the elimination of ID card stickers means that there will be no distribution of spring 2010 term stickers. Also, Yale’s card centers will no longer put stickers on new IDs.

There is no need to remove the stickers that are currently on active Yale ID cards; however, those stickers will no longer have any significance.

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