MEDIA ADVISORY: After the Terror Attempt: Yale Expert Available To Speak on the Fear and Anxiety of Flying

In the wake of last week’s attempted attack on an airplane above the skies of Detroit, millions of people are facing heightened levels of fear, worry and anxiety as they prepare to fly.

Yale University offers a renowned expert in these conditions to speak to the press and media about what people can do to cope with them.

Doug Mennin is an Associate Professor of Psychology and Director of the Yale Anxiety and Mood Services Clinic. His research has focused on understanding and treating chronic and reoccurring bouts of anxiety and mood disorders, particularly worry, stress, and depression. Dr. Mennin says, “Our understanding of problems related to anxiety and depression has increased exponentially in the past twenty years. Advances in biological and behavioral technologies has helped us shine light on how everyday feelings such as fear and sadness can, in some individuals, translate into emotional disorder.”

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Media Contact

Bill Hathaway:, 203-432-1322