New Unit Brings Together Award-Winning Photographers, Designers

With their expertise in areas ranging from medical illustration to photography to graphic art, the staff members in Yale’s Photo+Design unit see it as their mission to “keep Yale looking good.”

Photo+Design, part of Yale ITS Media and Technology Services, combines two departments that were recently separate entities: Media Services (formerly at 59 High St.) and Biomedical Communications (previously at 333 Cedar St.) The unit now inhabits recently renovated space at 135 College St., midway between the medical and central campuses.

The members of Yale’s Photo+Design unit share a light-hearted moment in their new space at 135 College St. The department offers a range of services supporting teaching and research.

The facility includes a spacious photography studio, large-format print room, and a host of state-of-the-art scanning equipment, as well as a hallway gallery showcasing the work of its graphic artists, illustrators and photographers.

Along with the inception of this new department comes a new range of services that support teaching and research, offered by professionals with decades of experience. Some of these services include the scanning of slides and flat copy; digital printing; conference poster design and printing; copy photography from books; studio portraits; passport photos (free one day a month); medical, biological and surgical illustration; the design of publications including annual reports, brochures and book covers; custom PowerPoint presentations and graphics; and concise Flash animations.

Lead designer Mark Saba, schooled extensively in both arts and sciences, is an award-winning graphic designer, writer and illustrator whose work has supported Yale faculty members and researchers ranging from dermatologists to African-American studies professors at Yale.

Wendolyn Hill, Photo+Design’s certified medical illustrator, has been rendering images for 25 years, first with pen-and-ink and now on the computer. In her illustrations, she recently made the physiology of pain clear enough to be showcased on the cover of a professional journal.

Veteran photographer Bill Sacco has captured the panoramic murals of the Peabody Museum through his lens, among numerous other projects, while photographer Jerry Domian has recently been shooting everything from ceremonial masks to ancient Mediterranean amphorae at the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History for inclusion in an online catalogue. Richard LaPlante, who has a master’s degree in zoology, photographed some original Holocaust materials that subsequently aired on PBS’s Nova series.

Among the projects Photo+Design photographer Terry Dagradi has taken on more recently is the cataloguing of an assemblage of human brains preserved in jars that were collected by the noted Yale neurosurgeon Harvey Cushing, a pioneer of brain surgery. Her work has adorned the covers of Yale publications such as Yale Medicine and Nursing Update. Yet another photographer in the unit, Carl Kaufman, has created photographs that have been featured in many publications of the Yale University Art Gallery and have been exhibited at the Yale School of Architecture.

Joseph Szaszfai, manager of Photo+Design, invites members of the Yale community to visit the new facility and meet the staff, which also includes coordinator David Griffin and assistant manager Tom Klute. Hours are weekdays, 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.

For more information about Photo+Design, call (203) 432-2665, e-mail, or visit

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