What's New on Yale iTunes U

The following are among the most recent additions to the selection of ­netcasts on Yale iTunes U. A complete listing of Yale netcasts is available at http://itunes.yale.edu.

Tailoring Research to Promote Better Health

Dr. Judy Cho, co-director for education at the Yale Center for Clinical Investigation (YCCI) talks about the need to bring knowledge gained in biomedical research to bear in patient care. YCCI develops young investigators who are adept at collaborating with clinicians to put the basic discoveries of bench science to work improving patient care.


Margaret Grey

Margaret Grey, dean of the Yale School of Nursing and a leading diabetes researcher, talks about the imperative to do research that makes a substantial difference in patient’s lives. The School of Nursing has a long history of patient-centered research, and its ­capacity to do this work has been expanded by an NIH Clinical and Translational ­Science Award.


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