Yale And Fudan Universities Launch Chinese Edition of Global Magazine

Yale University and China’s Fudan University have partnered to launch the Chinese language edition of YaleGlobal, one of the premier online magazines covering contemporary global affairs. The September 1 launch of YaleGlobal Fudan Edition will mark the world’s first international online magazine on globalization in Chinese.

While a Chinese language version of YaleGlobal will be available with just one click on the original home page in English, Fudan University will host YaleGlobal Fudan Edition (YGFE) on their servers. In addition to regularly carrying content from YaleGlobal, YGFE will publish original Chinese essays on globalization, as well as reviews of Chinese-language books on globalization. The YGFE will be edited by noted scholar, Deng Zhenglai along with the assistant editors Shen Guolin and Deng Jianguo, and a team of translators. In the months leading up to the launch, professor Deng and his team have performed a monumental task of translating into Chinese a bulk of archived YaleGlobal content. The Fudan team will continue to translate the archives, which date back seven years, thus making the rich YaleGlobal content available to the burgeoning number of Chinese Internet users.

“Since its launch nearly eight years ago, YaleGlobal has steadily grown under the editorship of Nayan Chanda, reaching millions of readers all over the world,” said Yale University President Richard C. Levin. “Now with the publication of YaleGlobal in Chinese and YaleGlobal Fudan Edition, analyses on important aspects of globalization will become even more accessible to non-English speaking audiences.”

In a message to President Levin, Chancellor of Fudan University, Qin Shaode said “The launch of its Fudan Edition shall build a bridge for communication between the East and the West in globalization studies.” He expressed hope that, “with joint efforts from the editorial staff on both sides, and by drawing upon the rich academic resources of both universities, YaleGlobal Fudan Edition will provide a platform for the exchange of cutting-edge ideas and contribute to introducing globalization studies into China, internationalizing Chinese academic research, and strengthening cultural exchange and convergence.”

“When Fudan University approached us with the idea to simultaneously publish a localized version, we saw the opportunity to fulfill one of our ambitions to make YaleGlobal available to the largest and fast-growing Internet population of the world,” said Nayan Chanda, editor of YaleGlobal and former editor of the Far Eastern Economic Review. “We hope this is just a beginning and that we will be able to reach readers of other languages on a systematic basis by entering into similar partnerships in other areas of the world.”

YaleGlobal has a world-wide audience from over 160 countries, with an average of 140,000 unique visitors per month. Since YaleGlobal’s inception in 2002, the Yale University-based journal has published 630 original articles. Contributing authors include Yale University scholars, intellectuals from other universities, public officials and journalists from all over the world, including articles by Chinese scholars such as Shen Dingli, Guobin Yang, Wenran Jiang and Xu Sitao. Additionally, through content partnerships with leading publications such as China Daily, International Herald Tribune and The Wall Street Journal, over 4,500 searchable articles on aspects of globalization are archived on the YaleGlobal site.

YaleGlobal is the flagship publication of the Yale Center for the Study of Globalization (YCSG) headed by Ernesto Zedillo, former president of Mexico. YCSG examines the impact of our increasingly integrated world on individuals, communities, and nations. The Center draws upon Yale’s rich intellectual resources and serves as a link between Yale and the world of public policy, thereby extending the intellectual reach of its work in an endeavor to make the Center’s output policy relevant.

The Center’s core issues include global development, trade, financial globalization, and several global public goods such as global governance, climate change, nuclear nonproliferation and disarmament and peace and security.

This new partnership between Yale and Fudan continues Yale’s expansive set of programs in China. Yale University graduates and faculty have been going to China since the 1830’s, and currently over 80 faculty projects are underway in more than 16 cities in the country. Major joint research laboratories are in operation at Fudan and Peking Universities, and the Ministry of Education has tapped Yale to collaborate on developing leadership programs for Chinese university leaders.

Yale was ranked the number 2 university in the world in the most recent ratings of Global Universities by the Times Higher Education Supplement.

Fudan University, located in Shanghai, is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in China.

YaleGlobal: http://www.yaleglobal.yale.edu/

YaleGlobal Chinese: http://www.yaleglobal.yale.edu/cn/

YaleGlobal Fudan Edition: http://www.yaleglobalfd.fudan.edu.cn/

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