MEDIA ADVISORY: As a New School Year Begins, Yale Expert Available to Speak About Backpacks and Back Injury to Children

Injury from heavy and incorrectly carried school backpacks is more prevalent than most people realize. Every year, 30,000 children and adolescents wind up in a doctor’s office or emergency room complaining of back and shoulder pain. School backpacks are a major cause of this problem, due to both the weight of the books and the way backpacks are carried.

Jonathan Grauer, M.D., Co-Director of the Yale Orthopaedic Spine Service at Yale School of Medicine, is available for interviews on the proper use of school backpacks to avoid injury to children. Dr. Grauer is an expert in all spine conditions, with an emphasis on degenerative and disc problems, traumatic spinal injuries, tumors involving the spine, and scoliosis/deformity.

To speak with Dr. Grauer, please contact Helen Dodson at the Yale Office of Public Affairs at 203-436-3984. You can also contact Dr. Grauer directly at (203) 737-7463.

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Media Contact

Helen Dodson:, 203-436-3984