Yale and Tsinghua University to Develop Healthcare Leadership in China

As part of its continuing engagement in global health issues, Yale University’s Global Health Leadership Institute is partnering with Tsinghua University to launch a four-year leadership development program in healthcare management for women in China. The effort is part of the 10,000 Women initiative, a program launched by Goldman Sachs to provide business and management education to women around the world.  The program is based on research from Goldman Sachs, the World Bank, and others which found that investments in women can lead to significant economic and social returns.

The “10,000 Women, Certificate Program in Healthcare Management” was formed to help women healthcare managers and officials in China gain the knowledge, skills and networks necessary to become leaders in improving the effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of the Chinese healthcare system. The program also provides an ideal setting to understand the impact of the enormous health reform being undertaken by China in this decade.

“10,000 Women is intended to meet the unique needs of individual markets,” said Dina Habib Powell, managing director and Global Head of Corporate Engagement at Goldman Sachs.  “We are fortunate to be working with partners like Tsinghua and Yale who are collaborating to improve the quality of healthcare management in China.”

A Yale team led by School of Public Health Professor Elizabeth Bradley will visit China in late July to learn more about the healthcare delivery system there and refine the program goals and curriculum. “The capacity to manage health facilities well is a cornerstone of healthcare reform. We hope to build the core skills of implementation that, if not properly fostered, can be the downfall of well-intentioned reforms,” said Bradley.

As part of the visit, Tsinghua University is planning an opening ceremony in Beijing, on July 31.

Professor Lei Xue of Tsinghua University, co-chair of the program, said, “This is the first time there has been collaboration between top universities in China and the U.S. in the field of advanced training for rural healthcare administrators. As a result, we are still researching the best practices – for example, the curriculum design and project selection and design for the participants.  We look forward to setting up standards for the advanced healthcare administrators’ education in China.”

Over four years, the program will train 500 Chinese women healthcare managers and officials. The first four-month session of classes will begin in November, 2009.

More information is available online at the Global Health Leadership Institute and the 10,000 Women program at Goldman Sachs websites.

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