‘Election 2008’ Blog Invites Members of Yale Community To Express Their Views

Members of the Yale community are invited to share their thoughts and opinions about the 2008 election on a political blog that was started as part of an undergraduate English class.

The blog, “Election 2008: Examining New Media for November,” was started by the students in a section of English 114 (also called “Election 2008”), a course teaching academic argument and research taught by Barbara Stuart, lecturer in English.

Anyone with a Yale net I.D. can log on to the blog and offer their thoughts about the presidential election.

“The ‘Election 2008’ blog seeks to educate our readers concerning the multitude of complicated issues which surround this election,” the students wrote in their blog. “Our authors represent a diverse group of individuals who bring with them differing views of both the United States and world politics. As members of a seminar focused on studying political activism and policies concerning the 2008 election, our authors are motivated by the topics of this blog and hope to foster a forum for all discussion.”

Stuart says she hopes the blog will introduce her students to “a range of opinions and arguments on electoral issues” from contributors other than the members of her class.

“This election is one of reform and transition, one that inspires emotion, excitement and controversy,” says the “Election 2008” blog. “So don’t suppress your passionate views — express them!”

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