Works of Jonathan Edwards Online Launches Phase 2

The Jonathan Edwards Center at Yale has unveiled a next-generation digital online text collection of the works of its namesake, the 18th-century preacher and thinker often identified as America’s premier theologian.

For three years, the Works of Jonathan Edwards Online — editorially tagged and fully searchable by chronology, theme and scripture, as well as full text — has offered an expertly guided research experience in the papers of Edwards. Now, The Works of Jonathan Edwards Online 2.0 (WJE Online 2.0), launched 250 years after Edwards’ death, takes that a step further with more bibliographic search and text object fields, refined search results and the integration of a multimedia library of manuscript images and video recordings.

“This edition of 73 digital volumes consists of almost all of the writings of Edwards, including treatises, letters, notebooks and more than 1,200 sermons. Such a vast collection of digital text, as a result of more than 50 years of scholarly work, will extraordinarily support the continuing and global interest in Edwards’ writings,” says Kenneth Minkema, executive director of the center. “It will serve widely both academia and the church.”

Minkema adds, “This digital online collection, which includes manuscripts, transcripts and edited material, will also continue to serve our thousands of current users from more than 120 countries, who have been accessing the collection over 250,000 times a year.”

Harry S. Stout, the Jonathan Edwards Professor of American Religious History and general editor of the Works of Jonathan Edwards, comments, “This online digital text, being fully digitally integrated with primary and scholarly resources, as well as with other digital texts, opens new ways of research, education and publication not seen before.”

The Works of Jonathan Edwards Online 2.0, which resides on a next-generation digital and media asset management system, is accessible through the website:

The Jonathan Edwards Center at Yale was established in October 2003, on the 300th anniversary of Jonathan Edwards’ birth. The center grew out of the offices of The Works of Jonathan Edwards, the contemporary critical print edition of selections from the Edwards papers published by Yale University Press. Yale Divinity School has hosted The Works of Jonathan Edwards since 1988 and, for the past five years, the new Edwards Center as well.

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