Videos: Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair — Opening remarks to the class on Faith and Globalization and a Talk at Woolsey Hall

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair taught his first class at Yale on September 19, marking the start of the “Faith and Globalization Initiative,” a three-year collaboration among Yale’s Divinity School, School of Management and the Tony Blair Faith Foundation.

The potential of religious faith to bring the world’s people together rather than drive them apart will be explored through the seminar and made available to a world audience through the Faith and Globalization website.

Later that day, Mr. Blair joined University President Richard C. Levin, Professor Paul Kennedy and student Lita Tandon for a conversation in Woolsey Hall before an audience of Yale faculty, students and staff.

VIDEO: Tony Blair and Miroslav Volf – Faith and Globalization

Miroslav Volf, Professor at Yale’s Divinity School, and Mr. Tony Blair, Former British Prime Minister and Howland Distinguished Professor, make opening remarks to the class on Faith and Globalization. Video available on YouTube.

VIDEO: Tony Blair – A Conversation At Yale University

The former British Prime Minister and Howland Distinguished Professor, Tony Blair, sits down to talk with Richard Levin, Yale University President, Paul Kennedy, J. Richardson Dilworth Professor of History, and Lita Tandon, Yale College Class of 2010, at a “Fireside Chat” in Woolsey Hall on September 19, 2008. Video available on YouTube.

(Conversation at Woolsey Hall also available in RealVideo format.)

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