Thomas Pogge is Designated as the Leitner Professor

Thomas W. Pogge, who has joined the Yale faculty as the Leitner Professor of Philosophy and International Affairs, has written extensively on political philosophy, especially on John Rawls, Immanuel Kant, cosmopolitanism and global justice.

Pogge’s work has examined such specific issues as extreme poverty and the responsibility of others in eradicating it, justice in health care, human rights, justice for people with disabilities, pharmaceutical research and global access to medicines, and moral philosophy and ethics, among other topics. His book “World Poverty and Human Rights” is considered one of the most important works on global justice. He is particularly known for his argument that the global rich have a “positive duty” to help others in need as well as a “negative duty” not to contribute to the imposition of global institutional order that impedes the fulfillment of basic socioeconomic rights.

Pogge’s other books include “Realizing Rawls,” “John Rawls” and “John Rawls: His Life and Theory of Justice.” He is the co-editor of “Freedom from Poverty as a Human Right: Who Owes What to the Very Poor?” and “Real World Justice,” and is co-author of “The Health Impact Fund: Making New Medicines Accessible for All,” among other volumes. He is the editor for social and political philosophy for the “Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.”

Pogge earned his undergraduate degree at Hamburg University in Germany and his Ph.D. in philosophy (under Rawl’s supervision) at Harvard University. Before his Yale appointment, he taught since 1983 at Columbia University, where he was named a full professor in 2006. He currently holds adjunct professorial appointments at the Australian National University’s Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics and the philosophy department at the University of Oslo, Norway, where he is the research director of the Centre for the Study of Mind in Nature.

The philosopher has been a visiting fellow or scholar at the University of Maryland, the Princeton University Center for Human Values All Souls College at Oxford University and in the Department of Clinical Bioethics at the National Institutes of Health. He has led graduate seminars at schools throughout Europe and in Brazil, Taiwan and China, and has delivered more than 600 lectures in 39 countries.

A member of the board of directors of the International Association of Bioethics, Pogge also serves on the editorial boards of numerous scholarly journals, including Ethics; Ethics and International Affairs; the European Journal of Philosophy; the Journal of Global Ethics; Law, Ethics and Human Rights; and Public Reason.

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