Tony Blair Discusses Academic Partnership with Yale At Foundation Launch

President Richard C. Levin joined former British Prime Minister Tony Blair at the announcement today of the launch of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation. As part of the Foundation’s efforts, Blair said he would lead a seminar at Yale beginning in the fall.

“First, the Foundation aims to educate,” Blair said at the launch of the Faith Foundation in New York City. “We begin today with the association with Yale University. Yale’s School of Divinity and School of Management will help design a new course called ‘Faith and Globalization.’ It will run over three years. I will lead a series of seminars each fall, starting in September 2008. The idea is to create a course which, over time, can become an enduring part of Yale’s teaching; can be spun off to other universities in different parts of the globe; can stimulate original research and be a resource for those working in this field.”

Blair will teach at Yale as a Howland Distinguished Fellow. At the time of Blair’s appointment by Yale, Levin said, “The appointment of Mr. Blair provides a tremendous opportunity for our students and our community. As the world continues to become increasingly interdependent, it is essential that we explore how religious values can be channeled toward reconciliation rather than polarization. Mr. Blair has demonstrated outstanding leadership in these areas and is especially qualified to bring his perspective to bear. We are honored that he is planning to join the Yale community.”

Levin said that, in addition to the course on faith and globalization, there would be related activities on the Yale campus and digital dissemination of aspects of the project through the Internet.

Joining Levin at the announcement, and participating with Blair, Levin and others in a panel discussion about faith and globalization, was Harry Stout, the Jonathan Edwards Professor of American Religious History at Yale.

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