Yale Launches Sustainability Pledge

On April 22nd, in celebration of Earth Day 2008, Yale will launch the University’s first campus-wide Sustainability Pledge.

The goal of the Pledge is to continue to build upon the growing campus support around sustainability initiatives at Yale.  The Pledge demonstrates how the collective actions of a large group of individuals across campus can contribute to the vision of a sustainable campus.

The Pledge encourages faculty, staff and students to make a tangible commitment to sustainability through their everyday actions and behaviors.  Taking the Pledge involves committing to at least three new actions that are within one’s capacity, sharing the activities in which one is already engaging to be more sustainable, and raising awareness by promoting the pledge to at least three other friends and colleagues.

Yale’s Office of Sustainability established the Pledge to increase the already vibrant community involvement and energy that has coalesced around sustainability at Yale.  The goal of the effort is to have at least 2,500 members of the Yale community pledge to be more sustainable.

The Pledge may be found at:
Yale Sustainability Pledge

For more information contact Bob Ferretti, Education Manager, Yale Office of Sustainability.

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Media Contact

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