Statements from Yale Spokesperson and Deans of Yale College and Yale School of Art

Statement by Yale spokesperson Helaine S. Klasky:

Yale spokesperson Helaine S. Klasky stated, “Ms. Shvarts’s continuing repudiation of what she told senior university officials seems a part of her performance. Yesterday, she stated in front of the Dean of Yale College, the Dean of Students, and the Master of her residential college that she did not impregnate herself and did not induce miscarriages. Today the Yale student newspaper published an op-ed by Ms. Shvarts in which she contradicted what she said yesterday to the Deans and Master. However, in conversations today with university officials, she reiterated what she had told the administrators yesterday.”

Statement by Dean of the Yale School of Art Robert Storr:

The Dean of the Yale School of Art Robert Storr stated, ” If I had known about this, I would not have permitted it to go forward. This is not an acceptable project in a community where the consequences go beyond the individual who initiates the project and may even endanger that individual. Yale has a profound commitment to freedom of expression, and I personally am committed to a women’s right to choose. That said, Yale does not encourage or condone projects that would involve unknown health risks to the student. Nor does it believe that open discourse and inquiry can exist in an educational and creative community when an individual exercises these rights but evades full intellectual accountability for the strong response he or she may provoke.”

Statement by Dean of Yale College Peter Salovey:

The Dean of Yale College Peter Salovey stated, “I am appalled. This piece of performance art as reported in the press bears no relation to what I consider appropriate for an undergraduate senior project. The Dean of the School of Art and I are reassessing what constitutes an appropriate senior art project and the manner in which those projects are mentored.”

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