Yale President Calls for Action on Global Warming

Today at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Yale University President Richard C. Levin called on large organizations around the world to take action now to address global warming by reducing their greenhouse gas emissions.

“We cannot wait for our governments to act, though they must act if the problem is ultimately to be solved.  Large organizations all over the world with the power to act independently should take matters into their own hands and begin to reduce greenhouse gas emissions now,” said President Levin. “We need to demonstrate that resisting global warming is feasible and not prohibitively expensive.  By showing leadership in action, not just in words, we will make the necessary response by governments much more likely.”

Yale committed in 2005 to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to 10% below the 1990 level by the year 2020.  This represents a 43% reduction from the 2004 level, even while plans call for 15% growth in the University’s physical plant.

Yale has already reduced campus greenhouse gas emissions by 6% in one year. Among other measures, it has installed more efficient controls and sensors to regulate heat, air conditioning, and lighting; begun to modify its power plant and distribution systems for greater efficiency; and is running its campus bus fleet on a blend of ultra low sulfur diesel and carbon-free biodiesel fuels.

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Media Contact

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