Yale Hosts Conference and Screening of Documentaries on Iraq War

A conference exploring the diverse perspectives, issues and methods provided by documentary films related to the Iraq war will take place on February 1–4 at the Whitney Humanities Center, 53 Wall Street.

Filmmakers and commentators on both the right and left have used the documentary to convey information, images and insights on the Iraq war that have not been provided by mainstream media. The distinctive nature of the documentary genre is considered in relation to mainstream media reporting, including the use of embedded reporters; other global reporting sources such as Al Jazeera; experimental documentary; and new digital technologies which have allowed immediate counter-reporting on web-based forums, blogs and video sites.

To foster a discussion among a wide range of viewpoints and experiences, the conference will include filmmakers (Deborah Scranton, “The War Tapes”; Andrew Berends, “The Blood of My Brother”; Jon Alpert and Matthew O’Neill, “Baghdad ER”; Bassam Haddad, “About Baghdad”; Kerry Candaele, Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers)”; journalists (Michael M. Phillips, Wall Street Journal; Danny Schechter, Mediachannel.org; Peter Davis, independent; and Ana Marie Cox, Time magazine); 20th- century historians (keynote speaker Rashid Khalidi, Columbia University; Hazel V. Carby, Yale University; Jeremy Brecher, Connecticut Humanities Council); and media historians (Jane Gaines, Duke University; Patricia Zimmerman, Ithaca College; and Pat Aufderheide, Director of American University’s Center for Social Media).

The documentaries made by participating filmmakers will be screened during the conference. The filmmakers will introduce their documentaries and will take part in post-screening Q & A’s and panel sessions.

For conference schedule, go to www.yale.edu/filmstudiesprogram/events.

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Media Contact

Dorie Baker: dorie.baker@yale.edu, 203-432-1345