ADVISORY: China Bars Obese from Adopting Children

The People’s Republic of China will bar foreigners who are obese from adopting Chinese children, several international adoption agencies are reporting. The ban, scheduled to go into effect May 1, has other restrictions eliminating prospective parents who use antidepressants, are unmarried, over 50, or fail to meet a number of other criteria.

Psychologist Rebecca Puhl, coordinator of weight stigma initiatives at the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity at Yale University, is available to comment on this story.

“Any government would want to ensure that children being adopted out of the country go to loving and secure homes,” said Puhl. “But the criteria that the PRC have chosen could do more to exclude good potential parents.”

Puhl may be reached:

By phone:
(203) 432-7354

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If you need further assistance, please call Colleen Shaddox at (203) 785-8520, or Jackie Weaver at Yale’s Office of Public Affairs at (203) 432-8555.

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