DeMille Honored by American Physical Society

David DeMille, professor of physics at Yale University, will be honored with the Francis M. Pipkin Award from the American Physical Society (APS).

David DeMille

The award is given to a young scientist every two years in recognition of exceptional research accomplishments in the interdisciplinary area of precision measurement and fundamental constants.

“DeMille’s work in this area focuses on the study of minute deviations from ordinary physical laws. Such deviations would indicate the existence of previously undiscovered particles or forces. DeMille’s research uses the experimental techniques of laser spectroscopy as well as theoretical calculations related to these experiments.

He will give a talk on his research when the Award is presented during a special ceremonial session at the APS April 2007 meeting in Jacksonville, FL. He will receive an honorarium and a certificate with a citation that reads, “For wide-ranging studies of fundamental symmetries in atoms and molecules, including novel approaches to searches for the electric dipole moment of the electron and investigations of parity non-conservation and the spin-statistics connection.”

A faculty member since 1998, DeMille was appointed full professor in 2004. In 1999, Steve Lamoreaux of Yale won the first Pipkin Award.

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