Top Academic Prizes Awarded to Yale Seniors

New Haven, Conn — Five Yale College seniors were awarded prizes during Senior Class Day exercises on May 21 for superior academic work.

Peter Salovey, dean of Yale College, presented the awards during the ceremony on Old Campus.

Sarah Scott Stillman of Pierson College— The James Andrew Haas Prize. This prize is awarded annually to “that member of the Senior Class in Yale College whose breadth of intellectual achievement, strength of character, and fundamental humanity shall be adjudged by the faculty to have provided leadership for his or her fellow students, inspiring in them a love of learning and concern for others.”

Jessica Ellen Leight of Ezra Stiles College — The Alpheus Henry Snow Prize and the Warren Memorial High Scholarship Prize. The Snow Prize is awarded to that “senior who, through the combination of intellectual achievement, character, and personality, shall be adjudged by the faculty to have done the most for Yale by inspiring in his or her classmates an admiration and love for the best traditions of high scholarship.” The Warren Memorial High Scholarship Prize is given to the senior majoring in the humanities who ranks highest in scholarship.

Anthony Zijian Xu of Timothy Dwight College— The Arthur Twining Hadley Prize and the Russell Henry Chittenden Prize. The Arthur Twining Hadley Prize which honors the memory of the man who served as President of Yale from 1899 to 1921, is awarded annually to the senior in Yale College majoring in the social sciences who ranks highest in scholarship. The Russell Henry Chittenden Prize is awarded annually to that senior in Yale College majoring in the natural sciences or in mathematics who ranks highest in scholarship.

Satya Sorab Bhabha of Berkeley College and Carl D’Apolito-Dworkin of Timothy Dwight College—The Louis Sudler Prize for Excellence in the Arts. The Sudler Prize is awarded each year to a member or members of the senior class for outstanding accomplishments in the creative and performing arts.

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