Brochure on Bone Health Available Online from Women's Health Research at Yale

In conjunction with National Osteoporosis Month in May, Women’s Health Research at Yale is making available on its website a brochure “Understanding How Nutrition Affects Bone Health.”

The brochure explains the relationship of calcium, vitamin D and protein to bone health. It also outlines what happens when soy is used as a source of protein. The brochure is based on scientific research conducted by Women’s Health Research investigators, and from other sources.

“Osteoporosis should not be considered an inevitable consequence of aging,” it is stated in the brochure. “Nutrition is emerging as a way to help optimize bone health, no matter what our age.”

The brochure can be accessed on the Women’s Health Research at Yale website:
Understanding How Nutrition Affects Bone Health

Women’s Health Research at Yale is an interdisciplinary research program that was established to respond to the need for scientific information on women’s health and on gender-specific factors determining health and disease. Although the focus of the center’s work is on women’s health, the program generates scientific investigations that broaden the scope of knowledge about human health and operates on the belief that making a difference in women’s lives will benefit every member of society. For more information about the program, please see

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