YSEA Annual Dinner Honors Outstanding Yale Engineers

The Yale Science & Engineering Association, Inc. (YSEA) will hold its 2006 Annual Meeting and Awards Dinner on April 26 in the President’s Room of Woolsey Hall on the Yale campus.

Since its founding in 1914, one of YSEA’s principal missions has been to encourage and recognize excellence and accomplishment in members of the Yale engineering and science community.

The event embodies the YSEA motto, “Alumni working together to strengthen Yale’s education of leaders for a world increasingly dominated by science and technology.” Three awards recognizing excellence and accomplishment in the engineering and science community will be given to distinguished Yale-degree holders for their professional and civic contributions. Awards will be presented to outstanding undergraduate science and engineering students and distinguished retiring faculty will be acknowledged.

The YSEA Award for Advancement of Basic and Applied Science is conferred upon an individual who has received an undergraduate or graduate degree from Yale University or is a member of the Yale Faculty. It is awarded for a record of professional excellence in a particular field of science or engineering. This year’s award will be given to John C. Tully, Sterling Professor of Chemistry, and professor of physics and applied physics at Yale, for his outstanding contributions to theoretical understanding at the molecular level of dynamic processes including energy transfer and chemical reaction at surfaces, in condensed-phases, and in biological environments.

The YSEA Award for Meritorious Service To Yale University is conferred upon a distinguished scientist or engineer who has given outstanding service to Yale, or upon a member of the business community who has given outstanding service to science or engineering at Yale.This year the award will be given to Ivan Selin, for his noteworthy achievements as an alumnus, engineer and citizen, and for exemplary dedication to Yale.

Selin is chair and CEO of Phoenix International, a private investment firm specializing in energy and technology. He is also the founder and chair for American Management Systems, Inc., a computer systems, services and consulting firm, and the startup firms Enumerate Solutions, Inc., and BZL Biologics. From 1986 to 1988, he was a member of the advisory board on the U.S.S.R. and Eastern Europe at the National Academy of Sciences. He was appointed by President George H.W. Bush to be Under-Secretary of State for Management, and Chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and he continued to serve under President Clinton until 1995. Selin is a former member of the Smithsonian National Board and Chairman of Smithsonian National Museum of American History.

The YSEA Award for Distinguished Service to Industry, Commerce or Education is to be conferred upon an individual, outside of the Yale University community, who has received a degree from Yale, who is recognized for having reflected a credit upon the University and through preeminence in science or engineering has achieved distinction in industry, commerce or education. This year the award is given to Tze-chiang Chen for his eminent career and leadership role in semiconductor technology.

Over the last 22 years, Chen has held a variety of positions involved with semiconductor device research and technology development at IBM. In 1999, he was appointed director of Advanced Logic/Memory Technology Development at Semiconductor Research and Development Center, IBM Microelectronics Division. In 2003 he was appointed Vice President of Science and Technology at Thomas J. Watson Research Center, IBM Research Division where he has global responsibility for science and technology research, including nano-technology development.

Receiving the Junior High-Scholarship Award will be Samarth Keshava, Y2007, a major in computer science & mathematics and David Eric Weinberg, Y2007, a major in molecular biophysics & biochemistry. Both have a GPA of 4.0. Accepting the Senior High-Scholarship Award will be Semih Salihoglu , Y2006, a computer Science and economics major with a GPA of 3.98.

Also recognized during the meeting will be three Yale professors who are retiring this year from the teaching faculty. They are William F. van Altena of Astronomy, Frederick Ziegler of Chemistry and Mary Helen Goldsmith of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology. Each professor will receive a YSEA scroll noting their long service to Yale and commending them on their distinguished and productive career.

Further information about YSEA and previous award recipients is available at www.ysea.org.

Attendance at the dinner is by reservation, with an RSVP deadline of April 19 for student tickets, and April 21 others. Further information and reservations can be obtained through Bridget Calendo 203-432-4224 or bridget.calendo@yale.edu

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