Re: Possible new trial for Andrea Yates

November 14, 2005

To: Editors and Reporters

Re: Possible new trial for Andrea Yates

In light of a recent decision to either retry Andrea Yates, or consider a plea bargain, following the overturn of the conviction and life sentence for drowning her children, you may want to speak with the following expert at Yale School of Medicine:

Howard Zonana, M.D., is medical director for the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law (AAPL) and the training director for the forensic psychiatry program at Yale School of Medicine. He has reviewed the testimony from the trial, heard both experts discuss the case, and was on the AAPL Task Force for Guidelines for criminal responsibility evaluations.

By phone:
Cell: (203) 641-7389
Office: (203) 974-7158

If you need further assistance, please call Jackie Weaver, Karen Peart or Janet Emanuel at Yale’s Office of Public Affairs at (203) 432-1345.

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