Yale School of Music Receives $100 Million Gift

The Yale School of Music has received a gift of $100 million that will allow the school to subsidize fully the tuition for all students, Yale President Richard C. Levin has announced.

Levin said the gift, the largest in the history of the music school, came from a donor who wishes to remain anonymous.

“This generous gift will enhance the ability of the school to attract the world’s finest musicians and will support a number of important advances at the school,” Levin said. “Everyone who is part of Yale’s standing as a great center for the arts will be inspired to reach new heights.”

The fully subsidized tuition for all students in the school, including those already enrolled, will begin in the 2006-07 academic year. Other benefits of the gift will be realized over the next several years.

Among other advances, the unprecedented gift to the school will allow it to acquire technology making it possible to broadcast events, clinics and special lectures, including the ability to host and participate in live interactive clinics and workshops with colleagues from conservatories and institution around the world.

The school already has relationships with conservatories in Budapest, Mannheim, Beijing, two schools in Seoul and Moscow, and is working to establish others. These relationships involve exchanges of faculty and students, and will involve exchanges of ensembles. The gift to the school will make it possible to accelerate the pace and expand the depth of these relationships.

The gift also will make it possible for the school to expand its presence in the New Haven Community, from the public school system to partnerships with New Haven’s professional arts community. The development of other new programs and additional changes in financial aid for music students in future years are envisioned as possible uses of the large gift to the school.

Acting School of Music Dean Thomas C. Duffy expressed gratitude to the donor on behalf of “the school, its staff, faculty and students, the many fans, artists, musical guests and alumni.”

Duffy said that the leadership of Robert L. Blocker, who served as dean of the school from 1995-2005, sustained the interest in the school on the part of the donor and other supporters.

“An event like this does not happen without the complete support and direct involvement of our Yale president, Richard Levin,” Duffy added. “We are fortunate that our president has a deep commitment to the arts at Yale and has demonstrated that commitment in many ways.”

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