YALE ADVISORY: Expert on Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC) / infant mortality

To: Editors and Reporters

To: Editors and Reporters

Re: Expert on Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC) / infant mortality

In light of the death of the premature baby born to a comatose mother you may want to speak with the following expert on necrotizing enterocolitis at Yale University / Yale School of Medicine.

R. Lawrence Moss, M.D.
Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital
Yale University School of Medicine

By phone:
Cell: 203 605-7355
Office: 203 785-2701
Or e-mail: larry.moss@yale.edu

The Yale Center for Children’s Surgical Research is an internationally known site for research in necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC).

Yale is the coordinating center for a 14-site NIH funded clinical trial comparing two operative treatments for babies with perforated NEC. Lawrence Moss is the principal investigator of this study.

Yale is the coordinating center for a 6-center prospective database examining risk factors for progression of NEC to perforation and death.

For further assistance, please call Janet Emanuel, Karen Peart or Jackie Weaver at Yale’s Office of Public Affairs at (203) 432-1345.

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Media Contact

Janet Rettig Emanuel: janet.emanuel@yale.edu, 203-432-2157