International Multimedia Award for Yale Cadiothoracic Imaging Website

Selected from over 1,700 entrants around the globe, Patrick Lynch, director of the MedMedia Group at Yale School of Medicine, and C. Carl Jaffe, M.D., professor of cardiology, were awarded the 2005 Pirelli Prize for Multimedia Education and the Pirelli Top Prize for 2005.

The Pirelli S.P.A. Group, one of Europe’s major telecommunications and manufacturing firms, has sponsored the multimedia awards since their inception in 1996.

In selecting Yale’s entry, the Pirelli jury cited the “extraordinary depth and breadth of the ‘Cardiothoracic Imaging’ site, which is entirely in tune with the Pirelli INTERNETional Awards mission to encourage excellence in multimedia education and scientific dissemination via the Internet.”

“At no time in history does the intersection of media and science education matter more,” said Jaffe, who is retiring in July and is currently on leave. He said the awards are a validation of his work with Lynch in applying multimedia technologies to the problems of medical education, particularly in areas that require complex visualization of human anatomy and diagnostic imaging.

The MedMedia Group is based in the Department of Information Technology Services at the medical group. The prize winning website can be accessed at:

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