Yale Properties Announces Opening of Oolongs Tea Bar

Yale University Properties is pleased to announce the Grand Opening of Oolongs Tea Bar in the Chapel Street Retail District.

Oolongs Tea Bar, specializing in over 70 varieties of premium quality loose leaf tea, is located in Sherman’s Alley at 1044 Chapel Street. Serving a multitude of tea-related products, including tea lattes, pearl milk tea, tea smoothies and house-made chai teas, Oolongs offers a unique bar setting in a tranquil Asian-inspired environment. The Tea Bar is owned by partners Tracy Jackson (Koffee II) and Tammy Hackett.

Director of University Properties David I. Newton says, “Yale is delighted to welcome Oolongs Tea Bar to the diverse group of retail merchants in Sherman’s Alley. Local independent entrepreneurs, like Ms. Jackson and Ms. Hackett, are the essence of Yale University’s community investment program, and this unique store will certainly add to the vibrancy and retail mix of the Chapel Street District.”

“We saw a need for a tea bar in New Haven, where coffee drinkers have many places to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee, but tea drinkers had nowhere to go,” says Jackson. “We are proud to offer tea enthusiasts a place to drink tea and purchase tea products, at Connecticut’s only tea bar,” adds Hackett.

By providing bar-style seating, Oolongs allows customers to watch the entire tea-brewing process, which includes scooping tea leaves into all-natural hemp tea bags.

“Through Oolongs, we hope to establish a new experience for the non-alcohol-drinking social crowd,” says Jackson.

In addition to teas, Oolongs serves lunch items, homemade quiche, desserts and baked goods, which often contain tea in their recipes.

Oolongs Tea Bar will hold its Grand Opening at 3:30 p.m. on December 8 in front of the store.

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Media Contact

Gila Reinstein: gila.reinstein@yale.edu, 203-432-1325