Intel Donates Equipment worth $500,000 to Yale Engineering Research

Prof. T. P. Ma, chair of the department of electrical engineering and co-director of the Yale Center for Microelectronic Materials and Structures, has accepted a gift of research equipment from Intel Corporation, worth an estimated half million dollars, to assist engineering in its teaching and research.

Scanning probe microscope donated by Intel
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 The gift of 15 pieces of equipment, including an atomic force microscope, a reactive ion etcher and a scanning electron microscope, to be housed in Becton Center, will support three joint Intel/Yale research projects on novel flash memory materials and spintronics. Ma and Charles Ahn, associate professor of applied physics, will lead the research team that includes James Reiner, Sharon Wang, Yanxiang Liu and Agham Posadas from Yale, and Steven Soss, Krishnamurthy Murali, and Jun-Fei Zheng from Intel.

Intel Vice President of Technology Stefan Lai, who received his Ph.D. from Yale in 1979, and Intel Fellow Greg Atwood initiated the donation of equipment. Lai had maintained contact with Ma and his dissertation research advisor Professor Emeritus Richard Barker, founder of the Yale Center for Microelectronics, and was aware of his mentor’s interest in future generations of semiconductor devices.

Researcher-in-Residence from Intel, Jun-Fei Zheng working with Professor Ma, is overseeing shipment the equipment to Yale. Research support specialist Christopher Tillinghast, in the faculty of engineering, will manage installation and maintenance of the equipment.

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